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About Us

ColdTruckLog is a company that provides excellent cold chain logistics solutions to its customers. It is led by a team with strong experience and expertise to meet the ever-increasing demands. ColdTruckLog not only transports your products, but also protects your valuable cargo safely and with precision.

The main goal of our company is to provide quality cold chain logistics services to our customers and to be a pioneer in this field. ColdTruckLog aims to add value to its customers with effective and reliable logistics solutions.

Our Mission

Based on the principle of environmental sustainability, we aim to provide fast and reliable service by using the latest technology. It is also an important element of our mission to improve the quality of our business and add value to our society by always prioritizing customer satisfaction and providing development opportunities to our employees in a fair environment.

As ColdTruckLog, we are committed to continuously raising quality standards and meeting the expectations of our customers.

Our Vision

ColdTruckLog aims to be recognized as a constantly developing company in the cold chain logistics sector. It acts with a vision based on customer satisfaction, leading technological innovations and focusing on sustainability principles. Our vision is to reach a leading position in the sector by providing the best service to our customers and to become a globally recognized brand.