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Cold Chain Logistics:
Excellence in Product
Safety and Quality

As ColdTruckLog, we are committed to delivering to ensure safe and undisturbed transportation we act with a sense of responsibility.

As a team specializing in cold chain logistics, we have a responsibility to our customers to ensure that their products reach the consumer in a fresh and healthy way. Cold chain logistics often involves keeping temperature, humidity and other environmental factors under control during the transportation of food, pharmaceuticals, biomedical products and other sensitive goods.

ColdTruckLog's cold chain commitments
within the scope of logistics:

Temperature Control:
Most products must be maintained at specific temperature and humidity levels. Using the latest technology in the industry, ColdTruck Log ensures that transported products are kept within the required temperature ranges. This guarantees that products reach the consumer fresh and safe.

Technological Monitoring and Tracking:
Using advanced monitoring and tracking systems, we constantly check the condition of the products during transportation. In this way, we can intervene instantly and prevent any negative situation.

Safe Packaging and Transportation:
We use specially designed packaging and transportation systems to ensure the safety of the products. This prevents damage to the products during the transportation process and preserves their quality.

Emergency Planning:
We have pre-planned strategies for possible emergencies. We have a team trained and ready to deal with power outages, breakdowns or other extraordinary situations.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness:
We adhere to the principle of sustainability to minimize environmental impacts during cold chain logistics. We provide environmentally conscious transportation by continuously making improvements in energy efficiency and carbon footprint reduction.

At ColdTruckLog, we are constantly striving to maintain our leadership in cold chain logistics and provide our customers with the highest level of trust and quality. In this way, it will be an advantage for you to know that your products are safe and fresh at every stage.